Friday, finally.

What a rainy evening. It’s been a while since there were such lovely rainy days. I love rain, it’s a soothing weather to be in. Friday’s the only day where I can really sit down to think about things.

Had an “okay” day at school I guess. We received our PPRs and I was quite surprised about my L1R5. I had expected it to be a lot worse. Well, I don’t know the connection between the percentages and the L1R5s but I do know that I didn’t do very well in both aspects. The only subject which I’ve gotten an A for is English Literature. Thank goodness for that. I failed my Amath, already gotten myself prepared for that shocking grade. Now it’s how-are-you-gonna-face-your-parents time. I think they assume trainings’ have been screwing my grades.

Did a chinese formal letter in the morning, hope to score again (: This time, I’m sure my format is hundred percent correct, otherwise I’ll commit suicide. (kidding, I’ll never be suicidal) Sitting with Adeline for the past week has been fun ! I love her jokes and all. Yup, a fresh start; in studies and in friendships. It’s gonna be a bumpy but good year I can tell.

Training today was oh so fun. Coach wasn’t at training because he had to go watch the other competitions. Warmed up with Clarissa and MC. Then played round robin, a total of nine matches, best of three. First few I still wasn’t performing. Then something (don’t know what) just spurred me on and I did better. Oh, and someone‘s good suggestion did work, haha. Then we ended early and proceeded to the field for a game of soccer. It was fun, xD

Here I am at home, blogging. I’m trying very hard to maintain my blog with new posts everyday, but I doubt I can do that when the tests start whizzing in :/ I’ll be sad to break the record. I’ll still try though. I really love using wordpress. It’s a thousand times more efficient than blogger. Anyway, my parents just decided that they wanted to go catch a movie tonight, but I don’t know what yet. I’ll just hang around the net for a while. Then there’ll be piano and training tomorrow at SJI. I’ve just realised that I’ve been training for almost everyday of the week. It’d better be good, because if it isn’t, I’ll just be wasting my time.

Alright, off I go.


By the way, I’ve just gotten my new shing-shing Deutsch Tshirt ! It’s a real prettaye thing but a bit too pixellated though. &One more day to my Deutsch Partner’s birthdayyyyy 😀

 Deutsch Tshirt



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