Oh God, why is this happenening now.


3 thoughts on “>:/

  1. LENNY! what is happening to you! /:
    why are you so angryyy!
    and you sound like you’re going to turn suicidal like Claire.

  2. omg delaney i have the same theme as you,

    AND I SEE LYRICS FROM TEARDROPS OF MY GUITAR EVERYWHERE. OMG WHATS WRONG WITH YOU HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHA. i got sick of that song a long time ago hahhaha oops? got a new nice one! i let you listen to it on tuesday okay ? hahaha :DD SEE YA DEL !

  3. HAHA i won’t /: i hope. but sometimes it’s just so hard to persevere with the shit that i have to do. oh well

    hmmm okay then. haha ((: we shall be happy all day long~

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