“I found this letter, & this is what it said”

“I don’t know how long I’ll be,

but I’m not gonna let you down,

Darlin’ wait and see”

I’ll talk about this exciting journey from Serangoon to Toa Payoh then Queenstown with my dear Munko yesterday. Munko wanted to go to the TYR warehouse for her $19 swimming costume, so yeah, that was our mission originally. But brace yourself as I am about to tell you about the greatest journey in history! (haha?)

I had 1 and a 1/2 hours of piano in the morning. Boy was it energy-consuming. Changed and then rushed out to have beef noodles with my mum before she sent me to Munko’s house. HAHA I have problems with her house gate please! She was like shouting at me from her room window, it was hilarious I swear. I sat around while she prepared and she brought food supplies in case we got hungry! How cute (: There were energy-packed bananas and my favourite tomato crackers! We walked to the bus stop outside Munko’s church and waited for 153. She was trying to avoid some guy at the bus stop and kept asking me to block her. Anyway, we took the bus but dropped off at toa payoh since she wanted to visit This Fashion. Haha think bimbo Munko. WE SAW THIS LOVELY fake AEROPOSTALE SWEATER going for ten bucks! A bunch of cheapos here :p Then we bought it. So now I owe her money hehe. Walked around those few stores and met Xinjin along the way. What a coincidence. Then we went to buy bengawan solo, mooore food supplies.

Yay, then we started on our thrilling (eh?) bus trip again. It took us about half an hour more. Munko and I were so shocked cause there were about 20 stops when we counted from the bus guide. When we arrived we were like clueless on the directions. We ventured into a slinky car-servicing area sprawling with stray hounds and even got honked right at our ears. (cause we unintentionally walked into the middle of the narrow road, oops! Then this nice aunty helped us out with the directions. Haha it was quite embarrassing. We walked for pretty long, it took us about an hour to find the place. We came upon this half empty carpark right in front of a tall and delapitated warehouse. Then you could see tiny grey TYR banners placed outside the third storey windows. How attention-catching 😐 Alas! We went in and realised it closed nearly three hours ago. Poor munko. She got so agitated. To tell the truth, I was pretty afraid. The inhibited corridor scares me.

Thus, we decided to look around in Queenstown Shopping Mall. Nothing much as well. Our legs were breaking so we decided to make our way back. It was quite entertaining actually. Munko slept so soundlessly in the bus while I tried to stay awake and watch out for our stop. Someone sms-ing me kept me awake, thank goodness for that 😀

Slacked around Munko’s dingy DARK BUT STILL GREAT house for ten minutes and Jesmine came over after her CIP at the beach. Some biathlon thing. She was going to Munko’s church later. My mum came and went home for dinner. What a merry day with the monkey.

A friend is sweet when its new,

but it is sweeter when its TRUE!

but u know what? 

It’s sweetest after i know it’s you.

-from a good friend.



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