This is cute.

Top 10 ways to tell if you are obsessed with POTC

10: To say “Yes” you say: “Wind in the
sails! Wind in the sails!”

9: You practice your Jack imitation
three hours a day

8: When anything goes wrong, you
wail “But why’s the rum gone?!?”

7: You end every other sentence
with “Savvy?”
6: You get gold teeth just to be like

5: You slice your palm over a box of
gold medallions just for the fun of it

4: When making any agreement, you
say: “I suppose in exchange you want
me not to kill the whelp?”

3: You make rope out of back hair

2: You lie in bed awake for hours on
end pondering just WHY the rum’s gone.

And the #1 way to tell if you’re
obsessed with Pirates of the Caribbean

1: You invoke the right of Parley with
invading robbers!

Well how cool’s that (: Ahh Y’know normal people go crazy over Depp&Bloom, but I think Davenport’s hottt. Omg what’s wrong with me.


One thought on “This is cute.

  1. I didn’t really like the POTC 3- well no offense but the plot was a bit weird, don’t you think? And there was this duper long fighting scene (the one when Will proposed to Elizabeth) where I almost fell asleep which couldn’t have been a good thing!

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