&I want to let you know,

The life’s been crashing past cars, chasing.
Fading streetlights make the road seem, never ending.
Towards the end of the horizon, blazing.

I revisited certain memories just while I lay on the bed thinking, deep. Time passes, so fast you never knew you’d been running along with it all the while. It’s just routine, routine, routine. Sometimes while I drift between unconsciousness, I felt like I never want to leave that for rock-hard reality. All these while I’ve been writing things along the same line, I’m tired already.

Well maybe I just need Subway therapy, distractions, divine intervention, and maybe some hyperventilation to wake me up. Hiccups’ll do good too. Think I’m falling into a sickly daze. Don’t want to be one dead Lenny. MAN, HELP IS NEEDED HERE.

Or, maybe I need to play and pretend. I’ll probably be a lot happier, like those naiive ones out there in the world. They feel happy just the same, and don’t give a hoot whether or not you steal their subs. (well unless they’re told of it). Maybe a hidden agenda, some dangerous vendetta, even a happy little daisy by the road in the countryside.

*Knocks and breaks your brittle fantasy.

Hello we’re in some 20th Century with automobiles and planes crawling all over Big Mother Gaia. (hey BMG) Countrysides are all polluted with CFCs for God’s sake, who still has white daisies now? They’ve turned black. Dream time’s over,

I’m gonna have to clear some discrepancies tomorrow and get down to some damn work. There’s a Deutsch Test tomorrow by the way. Schlecht, schlecht.


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