I am deplorably obliged to nurture my sense of urgency, dammit. I have failed in my responsibilities, feel more than a mountain of shit now, alle aufgaben!

Adeline told me her dad sees suicide as bungee jumping without the bungee. Now that kinda cheered me up a little. There are actually flip-sides to antagonistic concepts. Must believe, in myself. Sigh.

On a different matter, it’s that time of the year again. Everywhere you trod, joss sticks and rice cans fill your sight, somewhat unsightly. The sticks are planted every corner of the curbs, unseen and seen alike. Take precaution, step precariously and sensibly my dears lest something happens. My front gates were spared no less. I’ll be at prayer sessions throughout the weekend, but I have no intention of inhaling excessive amounts of bellowing smoke.

At least I did good today, no worries about bad karma and such. Moreover I decided to stay in English Remedial Programme of my own accord, need the push. After third language, the usual peak times have diverted me from the prized bus seats, and when one empty space just smacked me right in the face I gave it up for an old lady who insisted I sat down. It’s not wrong to go against her wishes right? Hahah. I just lied to her I was alighting soon.

Deutsch Test was comparably simple I guess. Four components, cute mice, Weihnachten and the works. I’m just rather bewildered that I enjoy reciting phrases along the line of stop, when I hear someone burp. &Clare Amanda stop your secret admirer stance luh, my textbook is devastated, utterly ruined. (Oh if you’d like to know, my pens too)

Yupyup, I will do some work today, I promise.

Du musst mir fehlst 🙂  Aufwiedersehen!


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