Even lamentable, somehow.

I’ve had enough of all, all, ALL the forsaking. What seemed achievable is now far from tangible, never gonna materialize in fact. All the time, I ask myself stupid questions that are perpetually left unanswered. Sometimes they look so deceitful I just feel like quitting instantly, obliterate all current notions. That’ll be the end of at least half of my problems right now.

Honestly, I don’t want any answers however much I need them to secure my thoughts. All I can see is the vast contrast suppressing my ability, and maybe overtaking my emotions. My mental status is far from strong, brittle as thin sheets of ice. I would just fall right into the merciless cold if it ever broke. Don’t ever try, you’ll just end up having me in IMH.

I did not have the intention of have tons and tons of emo blogposts with repetitive issues, I just need an outlet. Read it if you may, they’re just some tantamounting ramblings.


One thought on “Even lamentable, somehow.

  1. Haha hello Delaney! Yeah okay I’ll look forward to your present thanks, even though there really is no need for one (:

    Yeah that find your partner thing…oh *shivers*

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