What A Life.

I have got to start admitting that I’m feeling blue already. I had a birthday to hide from reality, but not anymore. Just so you’d know, I screwed Trigo and Elit.


Suddenly thought of how everything just happened, and instantly decided to come to my humble abode for the emos.

Two days without stickers already, which means I haven’t studied for two days. And I actually went out today. But you can’t really count it since it’s meant to chill off the study heat and like, celebrate the fifteenth with some friends. Oh wells.

As mentioned, met Jesmine &Tancheng at Taka after piano around 1430hrs. Walked walked walked and ended up at HMV in Heerens. Somehow, I have weird friends who really enjoy listening Classics, and I don’t mean Evergreen. Those are like a hundred-years-ago thing. Jesmine claimed Baroque does help in your intelligence, but it’s not like hers is that bad anyway. She’s just lazy. Heard that? WOMAN, BE MORE STUDIOUS AND STOP FAILING EVERYTHING. Walked somemore and then Tancheng had to go, so Jesmine Tan and I went back to Taka for some food (for me). Oh here’s the exciting part! After eating we went down to Isetan at Wisma and checked out this shoe brand called Mondo. Haha finally found a good source of affordable flats. Haha some of the shoes were totally off, like penguin shoes? What a name, Jesmine. Yeah so we finally chanced upon this royal purple pair, sharp-toed with a nice bow on it, which I bought, DISCOUNTED! Gosh I sound like a cheapo but whatever. Was prepared to pay twenty, it ended up about sixteen, how nice.

Okay I have to mug tomorrow, serious. Oh and Tanyanni? I found my Homeostasis worksheet, yay.


One thought on “What A Life.

  1. and you wanted to buy the horrid penguin shoes! how could you?!
    i tried wearing flats to tuition today and fell upon sticking my feet into them, so i gave up and sought comfort in my lovely slippers instead(:

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