Snow Queen

Hyun Bin really bears an uncanny resemblance to Yamapi at times, and they’re soooo cute all the same. (:

I’m still at Episode 14 for Snow Queen! Bora’s got some thymoma thing again! How sad ):

Wow, seems it’s been ages since I’ve followed drama serials like these so closely, need to catch up with times huh. But Snow Queen is a total must-watch, nothing close to cliched romances I assure you. Except there wasn’t much passion on Hyun Bin’s part. Anyhow, it’s still good! I’d give it five shiny stars 🙂

Haha, and Saint Nicks I must kowtow to you. Fancy having a massive power failure a night just before teacher’s day celebration and declaring that there’s no school, leaving everyone suspicious and not exactly daring to go to bed before confirming with a hundred of their classmates. Thanks very much man, and I mean it (:

THAT SIMPLY PUT, IS NO SCHOOL TOMORROW! Hurrah! buffeting out with Claire at Sakae tomorrow. 😀


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