Reality Check.

So my friday was spent, half wondering how the school seemed ever so ridiculous about that massive power failure on a thursday night and the other half with Claire at Novena. Shopped around – well, all we got were earrings from cheap bargains, nothing much. Claire’s got a soft spot for lipgloss. Oh and we had Chocolate Fondue at Henderson’s after Claire’s persistent craving for fondues, not bad.

I’ve finished Snow Queen! Rahhh the withdrawal symptoms are still clinging insistently to me. Bora died 😥 How very tragic, and Tae Woong went to Lapland alone. I’m quite surprised I didn’t tear, okay maybe on the verge of, but not there yet.

HOW COULD SHE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Sorry I can’t get over the fact she has to die so young and leave her lover pining away for her. Then her poor father, who has lost his wife, son, and daughter must feel like dying too. What a pity, such a perfect family.

After all this, it’s officially time to mug. Pfft.

Anyway, CL prelims were yesterday. Rather manageable for me I guess, but wah, life’s tough without a dictionary.

Ich gehe zum Bett, aber nach Hausaufgaben machen ):

Right, and before I go;

The left’s Hyun bin &right’s Yamapi!


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