Some Little Things..

You know sometimes I wished I lived the life of some person in a drama serial (like I told you, I’m still under the shadow of withdrawal symptoms). Life’s be so exciting, but unfortunately, there’s always reality to consider. I’m currently trying to rub off all the addiction by rewatching My Girl. The joy of watching dramas.

Just look at some crap comparison I’ve derived – People in Nobuta wo Produce eat sticky rice, I eat the grainy thai type; People in Snow Queen eat lots and lots of kimchi, I only have a small jar; People in Ice Princess have frozen ponds, we have the artificials. Some other people take trams which run on the road, we take MRTs. There ain’t four seasons, just our good ol’ friend the sun. It’s nowhere else, just Singapore. I wonder if anybody ever dreams of living here, because there’s always that element of boring you out if you think about it. Apparently, it’s always better to stick to the safe, live on the sensible side of life and constantly remind yourself your worth and that you’re living a comfortable enough life, good enough you shouldn’t ask for more. Just to be content and not seek for excitement. Particularly because personal enjoyment is actually quite shallow.

Truthfully, amidst all these, I’m really quite thankful for all that I have and there are always things which one ought to look out for in life. Maybe to dream once in a blue moon won’t hurt, but I guess not always.

Lenny would say, fantasy nibbles at you, but reality bites in.

&Reality bites hard, if you realise. Hahah never knew I was capable of coming up with quotes? Ah, satisfaction of finding joy in life, nein?

Speaking of which, not long ago Ivy handed me my birthday present. I know you’re reading this, Ivy! Just wanted to say thanks for that sweet letter and I’m really touched at the heart 🙂 It’s nice and comforting to know that there’re friends like you around and I, too, treasure the memories we shared, honest. Oh and Ivy? Whatever emo stuff there is on my blog, they’re just temporary emotional baggages, so no worries!

Just like this, birthdays after birthdays, time passes and God knows what happened to you for the past few years. Oh well.

It’s time ta mug.


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