Whack Yourself Hard.

It’s friday.

Oh the agony. Besides this, I have stepped into school today to attend an eightsome three-and-a-half-hour Math help class, a little mental preparation on my part to curb massive relapses when Monday actually comes. Well, nine plus Mrs Seah.

It wasn’t that bad except I had Hanxu harrassing me nonstop on my left. We did Surds and Logarithms. Face your fears all, because Logarithms actually aren’t that scary after all, but not when you have Hanxu constantly claiming that she’s intelligent, then starts whining at your ear that she got stuck. After all, I did help her solve the first two sums. Apparently not a single bit of her felt thankful. Nah, I don’t really need it Hanxu. Just know you’re not all-that 😉 Haha I realised I find pure enjoyment in returning her favours.

Rahh, I miss training.


2 thoughts on “Whack Yourself Hard.

  1. YES, IT’S FRIDAY. Delaney I’ve just whacked myself hard. GAH I keep going out cos my parents want to? I WANT TO STUDY ): Die die and I haven’t finished my homework either.

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