A Little On The Blue Side Today

Just played Westlife on the piano. It’s the only thing I’m willing to practise (well, mainly it’s because they’re nice)

Before lunch I was attempting Literature Essays. I just realised they made us do five Essay questions. Oh my. For the past five days I’ve been living in some fantasy, driving me mad and here some pieces of paper pops up saying, “Do me!” Alright, someone’s so in for it. Five FREAKING essays in two days, how’m I gonna make it.

And mind you, someone here always gets stuck in masses of words. One paragraph and she goes dying away, staring at the bright screen thinking of things out in the universe.

O spite, O hell! Save me.


6 thoughts on “A Little On The Blue Side Today

  1. I didn’t hand in Homeostasis either! WE DONT HAVE TO. Praveena wants to go through or something. DON’T FREAK YOURSELF OUT! Do Lit first, SS is on Wednesday! GOOD LUCK 😀

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