I freaking have the urge to sneeze but I’m trying not to, because I lost a great deal of blood today, damn. Like running tap, only it’s blood. Apparently Jesmine Tan didn’t seem that traumatized of my mishap as I was. She even told me of the dead blood cells. Not bad.

*&$(@&^#*&! OMG I CANNOT TAKE CHINESE ANYMORE, Cannot tahan already wtf.

I have to admit, my chinese sucks. 

& There’s this freak that apparently does not know how to behave, acting like a jerk the whole time, screwing everybody’s moods. It only proves the existing theory that guys are so losing their gentlemanliness. I can’t tell if it’s all but I certainly know some are. I might speculate it’s because they’re feeling sour of woman rights activists and equality for all. Well then that’s just too bad.

I don’t know how long I have to put up with myself being moody all the time.


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