She counted heartbeats meant for you,

I don’t know how many times I actually have to go through this before I wake up and understand.


I feel so tired I didn’t want to do anything, but I’m just gonna try, to make things work.

Whalerider this morning wasn’t too bad. I was pretty taken aback by the Maori cultural rites, haha. Overall a good one I guess. Anything would’ve seemed good to me ’cause I’ve been deprived from Entertainment for ages. So much so, things which were appealing to me during the course of exams are so insignificant now since I can afford to waste the youth away…for now.

Speaking of entertainment, Yukan Club Ep1 was so entertaining (: Plus eye candy, all the better. AKANISHI JIN AND HIS LOLLIPOP. Hahah and Ruijuan was so excited this morning.

But I’ve got to say, the remaining hours in school were just pure torture. I never would imagine that just by sitting cross-legged’ll get you killed. My muscles are hurting, and sorry to say, my blood circulation sucks. Classrooms aside, the teachers just loooooove to use studios and multipurpose rooms. It’s not very conducive, apparently. How ’bout temperatures dropping to 21°C, dusty floors, two hours of Chemistry, and one hour of cardiac cycle; enough for a perrrfect cardiac arrest.

Social grooming and etiquette course, need I say more? The thighs were screaming. After all the crap, dad picked me up to visit Ripley’s crescent again. I think I wasn’t in the mood for fishfood-charity. Climbed the stairs at least three times at the expense of my shagged legs. Sad to say, I was there till seven helping my dad with the measurements. Did I mention I even napped in the car?

My, my, there’s training tomorrow. Only people like Delaney is stupid enough to stay up late complaining she’s tired. Typical.

Hell, what am I thinking.


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