I was considering shifting back to blogger since I have a gmail already and I might want to start designing again, you know, save my one hell of a rotting brain from devastation aside from work, work and more work. I believe I haven’t touched a single piece of homework this weekend.

Though productively, I’ve finished The Darkangel. Pleasantly surprising towards the end, I thought. The beginning stirred up a bit of uncertainty, with the author scripting a rather weak image of Aeriel, the servant girl. Then I guess it climaxed with the appearance of the vampyre, & shockingly Irrylath’s astonishing and supposed beauty caught my attention. Not bad for an icarus and soul-sucking monster. I’m looking forward to the sequel! Will probably scour for it on my next trip to the library. If you have Gathering of the Gargoyles do tell me! 😀 

Shall start on Nightingale’s Song when I have the time, and capacity. Oh my I hope I don’t sound like a bookworm. Schlecht.

This morning (or half a day) was spent at Ripley’s Crescent again. Yay fed my lovely kois and guppies. Then sis and I were up our new room. Let you in on a little: Well after consulting the Geomancer, my mum decided to give us the master’s. Inclusive of a lovely balcony and a rather huge bathroom. So we were deciding on our furniture and everything. I’m already embracing the thought of making trips to Ikea. Then we lunched at Buono, an Italian eatery, nearby. Ah, finally some good food within a walking distance. Aplenty to enjoy after I move, only it’s a bit on the high end.

Alright. I should get down to some serious work, but apparently I have the intention to go to crunchyroll for some YukanClub 😉


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