For some reason I feel really really glad today. Perhaps it’s friday, or maybe it’s something else, or maybe it’s the three points I snagged today. Rather satisfied with my current performance at training, there’s hope for me. Though yet again something’s bugging me since wednesday, and it’s freaking me out..Okay, forget I ever said that. I have much more important things to worry about on hand right now.

I FELL ASLEEP DURING CHEM MASS LECTURE TODAY WTH. Record’s broken. Ah, should’ve gotten Ruijuan and Tanyanni the pig to sit next to me and we would’ve swooned over Jap guys and the Jdoramas, AND THEN I WOULDN’T HAVE FALLEN ASLEEP! Ruijuan it’s all your fault. Hahah, okay I’m kidding.

Speaking of which I think I haven’t mentioned that I’ve completed the entire series of the Japanese Hana Kimi while waiting for the release of english-subbed Yukan Club episode 3. It’s so friggin’ slow. I haven’t had enough of the eyecandies by the way! If only there’d be a Hana Kimi SP soon and then I’ll get to oogle at Nakatsu and Sano again.

“Lemme tell you that skinship while studying is very important!”

That skinship thing btw, is courtesy of Nakatsu. It’s probably one of the silliest thing he said, how adorable. He misused skinship for kinship while trying to inch nearer to Mizuki every second Sano wasn’t in the room.

&I’m very curious how many lollipops did Jin have to suck on during the filming of Yukan Club, and they made him suck lollipops to look good and please people like me at the expense of his blood glucose level, sadly.

Plus I’m still contemplating if I should watch HYD. Rui is apparently quite hot, but he’s not the lead ): I can’t stand watching Oguri Shun just having his love life in reel screwed up because of Matsu Jun.

Oops, enough of the fangirling. It’s creeping me out. I shall be finishing up YC Episode 3 today then during the weekends I’ll be drowning in blasted Trigonometry.

Somebody make me an Obento ):


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