Where are the stars in the day?

Whoa the movie Azumi was damn bloody. Like total helluva bloody scene. I can’t believe Nachi died in the FIRST PART, and the worst thing was he was killed by Azumi. Why the hell did they let that happen! Rahhh, damn you Gessai, fancy making your own disciples kill each other. It was great though, Azumi damn power. One girl against a whole mob of raving mad bandits and a pervertic psycho. It’s definitely a must-watch. Oguri Shun’s in Azumi II! Somehow the producers understood that someone like Oguri Shun should never die within the first fifteen minutes of a show. Shall watch after the trigo test on monday 😀

Finished Detective Conan Live Action last night as well. Can’t wait for the sequel to be released in 08!

Oh my I should get back to Math.


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