Yukan Club Ep 4 was frikkin scary, like dolls coming after you? It’s still funny though if you see Jin’s reactions. Poor Bido, nobody stayed up with him. Hahah, then Miroku threw a bottle at the Kinna-san doll and burned it out of desperation. Can’t wait for Ep 5! Yuri’s getting engaged and very likely leading a love triangle according to viewers. Wow finally some love life in here ain’t it. Both Miroku and Seishiro like Yuri. I’d rather Seishiro though, even though Miroku’s the cutest 😀

Today wasn’t a bad day, wasn’t very good either. Oh and it’s the first day of my money-diet week! I’m saving up for the Le Coq bag I saw last week. Discipline! I need discipline!

Training was okay, doubles with trgpart was the best yes! Had some nice smacks back there, we really do have telepathy yeah.

Right, Azumi II here I come!

{edit} Dammit, SHUN DIED IN AZUMI II and Azumi is left a wanderer ’cause all her loved ones died, tragic man. Good flick though, gory sometimes but Azumi rocks luh. {/edit}


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