Moshi moshi

Okay I have been really tired lately, cooped up with work and all, and definitely not at my best. I HAVE EYEBAGS, HORRIBLE EYEBAGS, DAMNNNNN YOU EYEBAGS. I happened to wake up this morning and almost fainted when I saw how drained I got in the mirror. I can feel the word ‘sick’ hovering imminently and maliciously over my spinning head, I’m gonna get it anytime soon. Anyone who reminds me about that summit in two days time is so in for a punch I tell you.

I’d also like to slap myself for watching Proposal Daisakusen yesterday, and Attention Please SP last week…the list goes on. You know I ought to stop complaining because I’m doing myself in and it probably has got nothing to do with the umpteen camps and trips that I have hovering behind me. Besides I still owe Mrs Seah a heap of homework, I’m sorry Mrs Seah ):

Guess I’m not exactly in the mood to post about Farewell camp. Gomen. I’ll get down to the depressing stuff first, like wrapping my new textbooks.


3 thoughts on “Moshi moshi

  1. HELLOOO senior!

    camp was uber fun!
    and i have a blog ya noe!
    but you’ll have to go find it:)))

    can you have a tagboard PLEASE 😀
    this is quite ma fan

    cya on friday!

  2. HAHAHAH. 😀 YES! i love oguri shun TOO! i think i spelt your name wrongly on my blog. gah. hahahah! BTW, we shld totally have this worshipping oguri shun club thingy in our class! HAHAHAH. 😀 and dont remind me about sch textbks. EW.

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