>: I simply absolutely refuse to believe we’re no better than them. Sure you’d get far with the cheating, but without them let’s see how far you can go. Honestly I’m more fed up with the fact that this has been condoned till now, well if you had done the necessary procedure like other schools I’m afraid I can’t say anything. But I’m have definitely not the kind of patience to ignore the smug faces of theirs when in the first place they’re not at liberty to be on court. It would have made me feel bad to say this already, but apparently it’s not worth any of my pity in any circumstances to be shown to them. Buncha losers.

Omgosh Delaney no point degrading yourself to do this. Not worth your time.

Down to the more pressing issues of my life. Blasted, my head’s in a mess now, I’m really at a loss. Heaves/wheezes/hyperventilates*  All I think of 24/7 is what to do with the team, how to not lack guts, how to prove myself worthy within this two months, and how to be a good captain; it’s difficult to fall asleep :/

Bio SPA’s tomorrow, in about twelve hours. PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, GET A GRIP to all who are falling into imminent depression. We’re on the same damn boat.


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