Joy-ride without the ‘e’

Today was one unproductive day! I’m still happy nonetheless. Let’s see, what’s life without a good meal at Sushi Tei just five minutes away from your doorstep! Amazingly therapeutic, for one that lives to eat. One’s gotta eat well, ja?

&&&I’ve finally laid my hands on Bach’s 2-part inventions!! Okay, just five of them and I know, they’re just Inventio’s but I’ll definitely overcome the Fugues someday, sometime. Ah, how lovely.

&&&&It was one whole afternoon dedicated to The Book. Thanks to Tessa for the amazing read; Maximum Ride. I’m hungry for the sequel. Though I should honestly begin to prioritise or I’ll just screw. Emo muses were yesterday, not to worry. Delaney will never emo for more than one day.

Then again, what I said, I feel, really makes sense. Pricking, evoking and revolting sense. Logic just turns you upside-down sometimes.

Life’s like that.


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