Miura Haruma has officially pushed Shun Oguri off the prestigious title of Delaney’s #01 eyecandy. Not to worry though, Shun is not lagging far behind in 2nd place due to his irresistably adorable stint in Binbo Danshi. Nice hair. Coincidentally, Miura Haruma’s playing a reserved and meek guy that befriends Shun’s character. They’re good friends now and I definitely get the advantage of watching them both together, but of course in this context, Miura’s the saner and cuter one.

It’s thanks to the very day I watched Miura on Sky of Love. It’s the wonderfully cliche kind but reallyyyyy sweet I could’v just fainted right there, my heart melting into syrup or something. Somehow a white-haired punk can just capture your innocent pulpitating heart just like that, although their claiming of him a punk doesn’t really fall through. No piercings, no tattoo, no SKINNIES, just that hair.

Shit, fangirling at this crucial period is definitely not the best thing to do.

I’ll study, I promise. Yaku soku!~
Just tomorrow yeah. ;}

Alright now about my fabulous day earlier today! We were relieving past memories and indulging in a somewhat less amazing childhood nostalgia at a crumbling and dying theme park called Escape. Truly an escape from the hustles of our sad lives. It’s that dramatic, and that pathetic too. Actually, ’twas this cheap thrill that brought us right to the doorstep of that saddened wonderland:


How resounding can the word ‘free’ get? Of course in Singapore, it bounces off walls of nothingness back in to the heart of all Singaporeans. Free is a word of liberation – this priceless liberation from feeling a burning sensation in your pocket which we enjoy tremendously. It sort of just crushes your ethics just like that, the way we rush and grab freebies like refined barbarians. I mean look at all the satire we’re drowning ourselves in? You will further empathise with and understand the whole idea of what I’m saying later on. There’s more to it.

Forget that. It was still fun nonetheless, if you have three crazy friends with three entirely different personalities accompanying you.

(On the viking)

“I feel my sushi coming up.” “Screams, Shut up!” “Sigh…”

Make a guess who’s who alright. Crashed Trina’s house early as 8:30, then when everyone arrived, we left at around 9 plus, thanks to Jesmine’s foreseen tardiness. We thought of presenting her with fresh garlic bread -a slice, but she ended up disappointing us by saying she wasn’t hungry, not the least bit thanks to eating tons of garbage. There’s this thing about her eating garbage and spewing crap to balance the qi in her. All the logic flooded in when I said that, I realised I actually made so much sense simply by making fun out of her. I should do it more often.

Okay so we did the viking twice, family coaster twice, some rainbow or sunshine thingy once, the haunted house (which I abhorred very much), and this unknown galaxy ride which only served to make you terribly nauseated without giving you any sort of thrill. Claire totally wanted to visit the haunted house again, immune to the fact that she’s the only one screaming hell in the place. OJ was the next destination so we could quench Jesmine Tan’s neverending thirst for garbage (which actually just means food-at-untimely-moments) We got into the garbage too, and an infinite supply of lianzx poseur pix spawning exponentially in my phone from Claire, yours truly. Later after the garbage, Jesmine the amazing dragged Trina up the inverter without fear of puking garbage while Claire and I sat under the shades enjoying their twisted smiles. Honestly Jesmine has this uncanny ability of converting food into crap talk. She is impossible.

Lunched at the food court at Downtown East with Jesmine Tan’s free vouchers. They proved a hell lot useful. We had thai-style tofu and noodles. Pretty good. Oh, come to think of it, I really pigged a lot today :<

We were quacking the way back because I was holding two roasted ducks of Jesmine’s. Well it was more like animal farmland along the way home. You should hear Claire’s rendition of “I am cow” someday, bound to drive you happily insane.

Orchard later with Claire! Scoured Far East for the perfect pair of wedges and we got matching pairs. Alright I have two ultimate mildly-killer wedges in my collection now. It’s looking forward to expand, excitedly with the coming of the GSS aka Great Singapore Sale. I’d never thought I’d become a fan of sales, but sales like these are huge coy numbers printed all over trying to cheat you. People just like the sound of discounted items and maniac gigantuous sales. I bet they hike up the so-called original price and discount barely a dollar off that glam bag or something. They really make it sound attractive.

On the way home I had to run an errand: to order Burgundy Roast Beef from Aston’s. The guy thought I was maddeningly screwed. I mean, he commented, “You look stressed”. Consider me strange. I stress myself out while ordering 1kg of beef. Moo? Stopped by the news stand to grab 8days and it’s all I’ve been reading since evening.

Aw shucks I’m back to square one again.


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