Try it roasted.

I consider myself to have done exceptionally well today, (grins). My hormones worksheet’s off the list, complete with ten essay questions trailing entire stack of it. Horrid. The carboxylic acids and esters worksheet’s off as well. Mighty fine I say {:

I suddenly realised that I haven’t mentioned about my Vietnam trip. If I would use one word to describe the entire trip I’d say : Pho.

(Makes me laugh)

BECAUSE THE PHO BO THERE IS FRIKKIN GODDAMN GOOD. I’m like addicted to it, currently in the midst of the lonely cold turkey stage without piping hot beef broth drowned in spoonfuls of chili and lime and the ultimate noodles accompanied with tender pieces of beef. ROAR, I DECLARE A CARNIVORE STREAK! I’ve seriously got to stop doing stupid things like making myself hungry in the midst of the night. Okay it’s no wonder I’ve accumulated stomach fats, gross.

Apologies for the digression but I just can’t help it. I’m getting overly annoyed with gaining weight just because I stopped training and haven’t had the guts to get out there, brace the sunshine and EXERCISE. I do walk up and down the stairs at home though {;

My dad bought roast chicken home. Why is everything nowadays getting roasted to the bone? Roast roast roast. Roasted duck, roasted beef, roasted chicken, LANGWEILIG!! But of course I haven’t forgotten my declaration of being a full-fledged carnivore.

Ah Vietnam. Shopping haven, although things weren’t all that cheap but since we all feel as if shopping in Vietnam saves us from the disastrous and infamous burning of the pocket, so there, I get to buy stuff w/o feeling the least bit guilty. The two days at Vinpearl Resort & Spa were the best days of my entire june holidays. Beat riding on jetskis and fishing out in the pristine blues or chilling off an entire afternoon drinking coconut juice and suntanning. Night entertainment was courtesy Jason Bourne: Bourne Identity. A pity we didn’t have time for Bourne Ultimatum. Dinner was fresh seafood straight from the seas of Vietnam, lobsters prawns and shellfish grilled to utter perfection. I skipped the rice cooked in coconut oil though, too pungent for my liking. Avocado shakes came with every meal (I ordered ’em).

Just what I needed to reinvigorate my soul and prepare for the appending war. I will officially declare war sometime later, after my carnivorous streak has worn off for the better.

Speaking of which we visited the Cu Chi tunnels. I’ll cut the explanation and get straight to the point: The Viet are freaking small. I mean the secret entrance to the tunnel was barely the size of a sheet of paper and the guide could just slide through with sneaky smile. The faux one was made to cater to the size of huge angmohs, so they could get tricked. The entire forested area just reeks of deadliness. How cleverly devised. Don’t exactly have the capacity to go into details, it now reeks of durian, must evacuate.



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