I have turned into a dead chicken over the span of one week. Thanks yeh, Clare Amanda. Punctured tires, fat pigs, roasted chickens, what’s become of me!

Germany’s in the FINALS, Lieblings Deutschland

Thanks to Lahm’s gorgeous goal a few minutes before the game ended. Hahah, no I didn’t watch the live, wasn’t gutsy enough to pull an all-nighter. Gee, Claire’s sms first thing in the morning scared me half to death when she reported Turkey’s first goal. Well after that, Schweinsteiger equalised, then Klose scored in second half. Turkey caught up and then within the last few nailbiting moments Lahm totally propelled Germany into the Finals. Gott segnen! I wore my jersey to sleep last night heh. The new adidas jersey’s the ultimate. Gonna ask my dad to investigate around Germany for it.

My humble and down-to-earth history teacher makes a lot of sense nowadays. Barely three days after school’s reopened we’re all dead like anything. He’d actually had better expectations for a moment, contemplating that we might only get knocked out after three weeks or so, but he knew three days was the limit, and of course, self-denial gets you nowhere. If you obstinately believe in the spirit of the bulldozer, I have nothing to say, except that I admire your blazing courage.

But actually, I’m so braindead these few days until everything you tell me will naturally make sense.

OMG baby lizard,..

Okay I’m losing it right? Too bad though, I’ve got no more marbles left to lose. Unending thoughts annoy me.



One thought on “Freude

  1. oye! lenny! flaunting your germen! 🙂 HOW COOL! hahaha!

    DONT WORRY LARH. our darling history teacher LOVEs scaring us w his nonsense. >:l

    AHHH. THAT REMINDS ME — we got history test tmr. ://

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