THE past two days has been the ultimate. I haven’t felt so extremely happy in a while, except for an ugly pile of tests disgustingly whacked into your face previously and in the time to come.

Firstly, it’s happy belated sweet sixteenth to my darling friend, Claire. Hope you enjoyed the celebration yesterday!

Caught ‘It’s a boy girl thing’ at Cine before we trained to Raffles place because Claire wanted to spend her birthday along the Singapore River. Oh gosh, my first NC16 movie, (lols).

I never knew walking along the river could bring such nostalgia, bittersweet memories and maybe a fledging patriotism for the country (Yeh sure). It’d been a blissful day, four friends walking along the Singapore River talking about life. I felt a little more grown up for a second, then abruptly I feel like a child yet again. Then I felt lonely amongst the crowd, because it seems you’re the only one that’s living your life and nobody can really share your sentiments entirely, and for that I felt lonely. ASIDE FROM THAT,…

Dinner was thai along Boat Quay, totally gone alfresco. They were more like chinese though, one out of the eclectic mix of high end restaurants they claim to be, so much for the free soft drinks. Still, the food was good enough, I mean, considering the favourable location along the river and what was about to unveil in the seemingly innocent blue skies later on. It was totally worth the 65 bucks we paid. First up were the copters with the huge flag they’d drag across the sky every year. Some’d feel proud even if they’d told themselves never ever to feel that way in a million years. Then we could see that there were pretty cool jet formations zapping about past the Esplanade. And before the sun was on the brink of setting, they’d released a small display of fireworks, plain but dazzling enough for a start. Dinner was of course consumed with much satisfaction. Dusk set in and we chatted some more, with Claire enjoying the candlelight which she’d specially called for to be brought over.

Then I had to revisit Fullerton, I miss the place. Good for you if you know why. The kois are still there, and the cracked-glass escalators and the grandeur of it all. This hotel is amazing. Somehow, when we stepped out into the open, the official display of fireworks began. You could imagine how lucky we were because in the first place we weren’t expecting such treatments. Okay, overwhelming sensation comes in here. It’s what I would really call spectacular. Then I was thinking about how I used to not think much of fireworks. I got frightened whenever they begin to explode in the night, loud crackling noises that leaves me mildly shocked. The raw vivid smell of gunpowder wafting in the air. Otherwise it would bore me, maybe because i saw them all too often. Then it came a time I realise how beautiful they were, the gunpowder smells and bursts of colour are now the culmination of exultant occasions, a time never to be forgotten. Lucky Claire got fireworks on her birthday, while I’ll be sitting through prelim papers on mine. It struck me that being so busy and deprived of what I had in my childhood makes me so much more appreciative, so much so it makes me sad to see what growing up’d be like.

Anyway, we walked back to City Hall for Claire’s marbled cheese cake. On the way back yet another display shot into the skies, leaving pedestrians rather distracted from the crossing the road, ’twas a whole lot entertaining. Thank god for the auxillary police. Trained back to AMK and took a bus home. A long day, but well worth my time.

Binge to come in ten minutes. Delaney’s hungry.


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