Love my tablebuddy loads for all the laughter during lessons or I would’ve died. I’ll remember 炸食日 and our favourite chicken wings forever

&I haven't forgotten

&I haven't forgotten

Forgive me, I’m just trying to relive memories captured in my trusty old Xpressmusic. It’s been a long time, or rather, life’s moving at an unnerving pace. I’m feeling all blue and nostalgic now.

15 Fulton Road

 My previous home brings back 8 years, they come flooding all too suddenly. The new one’s big, empty and stark, sometimes the silence falls under deafening.

Life’s just plain sad nowadays, but you’ve just gotta move on because it doesn’t wait for you.


2 thoughts on “Polaroid

    haha, i can’t believe seeing my own OH-SO-AWESOME picture on your blog after being stagnant in blog hopping for so long!(:


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