Dark Chocolate Mocha

Life’s been filled to the brim for the past two days. Can’t say I’ve been studying 24/7 but I’m just … doing things. All sorts of things. Rubbish, sometimes. But it is pleasing. (Oh, y’know, cube craft, haha) Though I feel like time is really speeding away from me. I don’t, and NEVER keep track of the dates nowadays. It’s quite sad, I’m basically chionging without knowing how much time has passed until someone has to bring it up, brutal honesty man! How’s it like to have O’s 80+ days away from your doorstep. Amazing huh?

Basically I feel happier being numb to the world. Having something to do every minute is so much better off than having time to worry about yourself. The saddest thing in days would’ve been the most-polite rejection from NJ (Injects sarcasm). Not so much sad, but just unexpectedly disappointing.

(&Fine, NJ you reject me. Currently in the process of applying for AC. Never though I’d ever have to resort to DSA.)  

Okay, wait lemme recount my weekend. Basically, it was pleasing, having to work so hard over the weekends. 7 chapters of biology and four hours of differentiation over the span of two and a half days. Plus one cube craft, a fraction of class deco, and 2 tuition sessions! Hell, I could’ve just died if I was the slightest bit aware of what I was doing. &Yup, I was just living life without having to worry. Works best for me.

Oh, you have to see my classroom! I love love love the stars. Heh.

Though I won’t be around for three days starting wednesday. Pulau Tinggi. Can’t imagine studying in a tent at some ulu island, OMGZ! I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll start to regret about my decision to go later on, but wait, I ain’t supposed to be stressing out. I’ll turn out fine, I hope, save some sunburnt skin and fortunately no jellyfish stings.

&&Thirdlang classes has been turning exponentially amusing these days. Erica you verruckt person.


>:O (007?)

To-do List (04/08):
1. Rid the attic of this afternoon’s rubbish
2. Shift my stuff back into the room
3. Pack up my desk
4. Study differentiation
5. Write my aufsatz, if ever possible
6. Finsh my long overdue history quiz
7. Sleep?

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