Calamine, Calamine, Calamity!


I’ve just found out that my supposed mosquito bites actually turned out to be SANDFLY BITES. Eww, gross to the max. I’m going to be scarred! To think I kept scratching it and almost flipped the entire house in a bid to search for the long-lost Mopiko. We always ALWAYS lose that tube of cream. Okay well, disappearing acts by my stuff have been rather common these days, they piss me off.

I’m supposed to be doing my literature, social studies and math all at one go now, but I just don’t have that oomph! to get me started. WTFBBQ, it’s like giving myself an excuse to cover up for my procrastination stints. Even my sister is nagging at me, how bad can that get?

(Attempts to have a go at homework)


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