I wanna be at the milkyway

The seemingly-cherubic maltese a few houses down has a hidden agenda!! He growled at me while I was making my way home, ever so undefiled. The best thing was that he managed a chain reaction and got his budds from the other houses started. Freaking insanity!

Everything’s going wrong today. I barely scraped past fifty percent on my logarithms test, I skipped an entire trigonometry question worth 12 marks in the math mock this afternoon, and I STUPIDLY RECORDED THE WRONG MATCH (either that or it’s the wrong channel).

(Heaves) It’s okay, I’ll just chill off and be appeased that they owned the US 3-0. But but but I really wanted to catch some action there! I’d better be drilling the schedule for the semis into my head. 

‘ve to mug electrolysis now. See y’guys soon.
(Go TeamSGP!!!)


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