ABCs all over again

Haven’t been the best these few days, really shagged. Don’t know why, don’t know how, but everytime I swear to myself that I’d superglue my ass to the chair, it never works. For someone who doesn’t prioritise, this is what happens. I’m really freaked out at the dwindling days I have left to save myself from devastation.

Erica’s coming over for a sleepover tomorrow, stupid girl, burped at least four times and acting like a complete freak during class (like she always does), without which I wouldn’t be able to laugh as heartily (:

I’m planning on an immediate hiatus, don’t try to dissuade me, much less distract. Or you are liable to appear on my black list anytime. 

Ja ne.

(P.S. What’s with the world and Phelps?)


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