It’s one in the morning now, and I’m swimming in oblivion, trying to sing the birthday song to myself. Haha, okay, I’m just kidding. I’m getting really excited because a birthday’s absolutely the BEST thing that can ever happen within the coming fifty days to the big -say it with me- ‘O’s.

(Aw dammit I just ruined my mood.) 

Anyhows, I’d really want to thank Ivy Yeo my wonderful friend of four years and counting for being the first person to wish me a happy birthday (technically, on friday) and the hundred stars she made for me. How sweet of her. I love her to the ends of the worlddddd! ❤

And then not to forget the currently-wallowing-in-self-pity Jesmine Tan, apparently ate too much and has got nothing better to do while trying to digest her food than to wish me a happy birthday in a one-of-a-kind abstract sms, which does not even bear the words ‘happy’ and ‘birthday’. She’s just to sour to admit that I’ve grown a year older than her (:

CLARA AND HUIYI DESERVES A HUGE KISS FROM ME! HAHAHHAHA. Okay sounds bad, but they’re damn cute! They colluded to wish me at 12:00 sharp and Huiyi apparently sent to the wrong number, stupid stupid girl! Haha but I shall forgive her on the account that she’s so cute.

On my grateful-for-ever list: Jingwen for the birthday wish publicized on MSN!, Marcus Leong for the midnight call, Claire Tan for remembering our Quacks, Renee for the bubblegum lipgloss!, Faith for the awesomest homemade chocolates, Tancheng for the pencilcase and random things(haha!), Calida for the earrings and card, Erica and her pending surprise her CUTESYPIE LETTER SHE MAILED SPECIALLY TO ME and currently waiting to see this, and Sufang and her bamboos (newfriendnewfriend!),

Shujie, Joven, Meixuan, Shanna (chromoXXX!), Trina, Sinhong, Tessa, Clarissa, and maybe more.
Do tell me if I forgot to include you! But of course it doesn’t mean you are of no significance to me!

(I’ve made myself happier, like it’s a miracle)

Okay now I’ve got to go save the world from destruction! (Like save my sister from the gigantuous insect with revolting fangs from under her glass, or else she can’t brush her teeth)

Nights all 😀


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