Every breath when you’re sitting next to me,

Finally went for training earlier this week. :O!! AMAZING, I could still hit a ball, and rally! Okay I underestimated myself, and boy the satisfaction is (heaves) damn sweeeeet.

Only I tired out much faster than usual and lost everybody, but wdv. I was just happy to be back (: Coaches kept dampening spirits siaz, kept asking me how come I dare to go back to train even though my german prelims were scheduled the next immediate day. They used to complain that I hardly visited, puh! Anyway, got a really bad blister in the process of emulating NUMMER EINS IDOL Feng Tianwei (Okay, kidding!) and I had so much difficulty trying to complete my essays today, double thanks to sweaty palms. ‘Twas stinging shit. My essay faltered towards the end, horribly abrupt and lack of content :< But vocab-wise, rather manageable.

&&How cutely coincidental, the teachers bought muffins for the secfours today, and the team was treated to a box of pretty cupcakes, sixteen dollars gone, in the process burning a hole in my pocket, but worthwhile I hope.

Guys, you’d better work hard from now!

Pigged out like hell today. After the muffin in school, four of us went for Beef Noodles at Ave3, shiok. Okay, considering the walk all the way from school to ave3, and from ave3 to AMKHub should be enough to comfort me and give assurance to my perpetually-hungry stomach. Crispychicken from Shilin and Strawberry red tea for my afternoon teabreak! My sister was ultraaa nice today and she got me Secondhand Serenade’s A Twist in my Story. Darn good songs! 😀

Shall return to Amath now.

(Auf nimmerwiedersehen!)


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