Cat in a box

I ought to feel comforted, that there are people in this world, sharing the same experiences but individually. This I just realised today. We all feel lonely inside at times, even though you might be stuck in a crowd, bustling with incessant chatters and activity, or you’re just talking a stroll with friends. Sometimes we’re just too caught up with entanglements in life that we forget even this loneliness. Then when we’re tired and all emotionally at our weakest, reality crashes in and that loneliness swarms unforgivingly into your soul. It’s like no one can understand you because everyone else thinks differently. I guess it’s because of this that many seek solace in a spiritually-enhanced life and a relationship with God.

That’s probably why they say there’s always a pertinent void in your heart and that it has got to be filled with a religious faith, to bring you through in the face of heartbreaks and lonely times. Like a puzzle, maybe?

&Conquered freedom, yet another theme discussed today, which I find very very logical and people really need to understand that it’s just life, for us to be constantly fighting for freedom and to be leaping over barriers, to make sure we grow in this way, to make sure we become changed at the end of our lives; evidence of a great fulfillment. Otherwise, without it, what exactly is the meaning of life? To sit on a park bench, listening to sparrows mock you while your newspaper blanket gets blown away? Maybe we should revisit the time when we were born, to ponder about the purpose of it. I’m sure it has a much more significant meaning to it than just by combatting an ageing population, or whatever the reason is.  Life is sure intricate.

Erica says I should study KI in JC. Haha. Such random ramblings can actually get you somewhere aye?



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