To hell with it.

Shit, this is the last straw, I had to come here to free myself from frustration mounting inside. It’s bad enough having to handle myself being such a sucker and trying to pressurize myself to study. That by itself is enough stress to kill me and make me feel guilt-stricken.

I just don’t know why people have to make my life so difficult and I don’t see why people should be at liberty to feel angry at me since it’s rightful that I’m the one who’s pissed. Should they know how to quit squabbling and constantly putting me in a spot I wouldn’t have flared, for the sake of myself, and I’m serious. I have to take the rap for everything. You want to wash your hands off everything, fine by me, you just don’t get your pay, but push the blame on me? Damn, just do whatever she says and leave me out of it. Now I’m the one you’re pissed at for absolutely no reason, just when I’m trying to knock some sense into you. Life at home is just terribly screwed right now I have no mood to even watch tv.

School is now a priceless liberation. Five hours away from silent stabs. I’d rather have ten times more blister-inducing walks in those wedges and hundred times more water stings on it than this. And sleeping has never felt so much of a salvation. So much for happy days.

It doesn’t seem like it’s going to end anytime soon, as long as I’m not the one who initiates an apology, for which makes no sense at all.


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