Little black book.

Man I’m sorry my fingers were just itching for the keyboard, and I came online on the pretext of studying German, which is TOMORROW.

4 papers practically breezed past, but about me breezing through ’em? I don’t think so. This period of waiting is the ultimate torture; waiting for it to come and waiting for to go. The exams are taking so much out of you, and you still have to keep at a steady pace, kick out inner conflicts; try not to think about how you screwed up the most recent paper and make it seem like you kicked ass when your parents ask about it. Maybe that’s why exams are that much of a milestone.

&sometimes I really hate myself for not having an aim in life, not so much tangible aims, but the intangible? Idk.

[Okay maybe it’s more of an identity crisis right now]


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