Try your hardest to remember

For the last time, why can’t this be any less excruciating?

For the past weeks, time flew, and now it slowed to tedious crawl, just when it’s about to end. It’s like life isn’t satisfied with the amount of torture inflicted, it wants more. Okay this is so not emo, but the fact that I screwed today’s paper up doesn’t help.

I can’t believe I just LOST it, lost my focus and everything. This, seriously, is a test of mental strength, which I obviously do not possess. From Day one I’ve been troubled no less about this, I actually imagined I’ll lose this insecurity in time to come, well apparently not.

Maybe it’s just me.

It’s just that effing easy and I lost it.

Okay, that’s the last sentence that will bear my grouch. I’ll be moving on, I’ll make it better than it ever was.


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