Etwas Lustiges

Currently at my dad’s office now, like it here {:

Or rather, love it here. Well anyway, it’s for the better since I have nothing really much to do at home anyway, why not come here and help dear daddy out.

Plus, the incentive:

Zehn Dollars pro Tag.

Okay, I don’t know if it’s much of a deal (Frankly, it’s not), but considering free transportation and lunches, I wouldn’t mind even if I’ve got to wake up early every day. Honestly, it’s not my first experience of the working world, (my one-week stint at POSB last year) but it does feel a little scary, stepping into the office on a weekday. The good thing is, everyone here is so friendly. Awww.

Today’s just a look-in thing for a start. Highlighted some figures which my dad wanted to review and got to be the photographer (!?). Feels good to be able to do something after being aimless for a few hours. And by the way, the reason for my aimlessness seems to be the fact that I have too much to do, rather than nothing to do. So much so that I didn’t want to do anything last night (of course, after watching tv).

Gosh, conflicting emotions, much?

Suddenly all the to-do’s I planned out doesn’t seem as appealing as before. Freedom’s in my reach all of a sudden I don’t know how to manage it. And like everybody, I guess it hasn’t really sunk in for me, not just yet.

As for prom, I really don’t know. Fixing timings are always, forever and ever, a huge problem. AND MY DRESS!? Oh how tedious is everything else after the O’s. O’s, what do you do to me?

Leben? Ich weiss nicht.

Oh happy days!

Oh happy days!


One thought on “Etwas Lustiges

  1. Yeah, I get what you mean. I just want to slump in my chair and read a book and not do anything else, that sort of thing 🙂 Everyone else seems to have something to do in mind, like baking or something more productive 😀

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