Just a moment spent

Somehow I feel at a loss for words quite recently, that I don’t know what to blog about. It’s the same whole idea all over again; It’s either I have nothing to talk about (quite unlikely) or too much to talk about (most possibly) that I don’t know where to start.

I don’t want to stop blogging because I really feel it’s a good outlet for everything and anything. Plus it just seems different than writing down something, pen to paper. I know, pen to paper is the most orthodox, or should I say, original way. Whereas blogging is totally stepping into a futuristic medium, which I don’t really like the concept of. I guess I express myself better when I can type or press backspace at ease.

(But nevertheless, I still hate the idea of it)

I’d want to cultivate a habit of writing in diaries and such though, so that in 30 or 40 years time when notebooks are extinct, I’ll still be able to relive the good ol’ days with paper. I hardly think paper will be eliminated that soon though, it’s pretty much a necessity. And by the time, writing in notebooks and scribing letters would most probably be regarded as some sort of a decadence.

Dilemmas of the 21st century, how nice.

I have stumbled upon something I never hoped to see in months ahead again. And what is it you ask? Books. Books about Sicilianos of the oboe, Minuets of the violin, Lieds of the piano, and the works. D:<, why is it that life never really gives you a break? I’d read a 1000-page thick book on castles coupled with those miniscule-sized words anytime. The only thing that really interests me is the origins of Baroque music, what a pity. The rest is worth a read, but due to my undying nature of procrastination, see if I’ll ever do it. Gee, my exams are in March.

Hopefully, I would bother to pick myself up again and get the engines running. Maybe it’ll be good, in tandem with the work life that’s about to start pretty soon. I’ll get to live by this tedious rigour, life ahead would probably work out better, if not more experienced. It’s always better that screwing up badly in the middle. Learn first, succeed later.

Good, I’ve got a smooth flow of words now. All I need is to stare at the screen for five minutes and then just type everything out. Works for me.

Tomorrow’ll be another day out, my wallet and I. Good friends, aye? It never blames me for burning a hole in it all the time. Still looking fine, handy and dandy {:

So, I guess it’s goodbye for now?


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