&It rains

Gosh I almost died trying to devour the Mega Mac. My maid is plotting to kill me. I asked her to get a $2 double cheeseburger and she got me the $6 Mega Mcspicy, approx. 7+ cm when squashed, can’t exactly fit into my tiny thing of a mouth.

Anyhows, the ordeal is over, though my mouth is still burning from the spice. I’ve learnt my lesson not to add two packets of chili to a Mega Mcspicy, but there will never be a next time.

Guess I’ll be bumming around at home today. Hope I don’t waste all my time away, although it’s perfectly fine to do so.

Leveled my mage ytd, hee. Are you shocked that I’m mapling?! :O! Don’t be. I’ve been for the past few years, but it’s like an on-off thing so I lvl really slowly. Wdv. I don’t care if people think it’s gay or whatever. Play to pass time, serious. Haha.

Okay, I’m off to design some bs;


OH YES I ALMOST FORGOT. Yesterday clique and I went to Ikea Alexandra, (Okay not the point) then we bus-ed down to Orchard. Got really good bargains at Far East, lol. This gorgeous pair of wedges from FashionFrontline (What an obiang name eh) @ 27bucks in khaki green and a white blouse @ 15bucks from Dotti :B Teehee.


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