Bake Club Inc.

I baked this really heavenly brownie yesterday, so rich and oozing with Cadbury’s Old Gold (Smacks lips) on the inside, which makes it really chewy and dense. And on the surface it’s crisp and lovely {: So prouda myself. Only thing was it got a little too flat cause I used a larger cake tin. Nevermind, smaller cuts, classier.

I’m gonna try the chocolate log ganache sometime soon, have to get more flour and butter. 

Going to Bugis JUNCTION to scour for prom shoes later with Jesmine and Trina. Hope I can find a good pair by today 😡 or I’ll be absolutely shoeless next tuesday. Should I get a french mani done? Hmm. I can just DI(Myself) right, since I’ve got a set at home.

Couldn’t sleep last night (or should I say morning). My bad, cannot use computer before I sleep, or I’ll be looking forward to sleepless nights. It goes like this, the computer has a contagious effect! It’s rapid memory work and processing made me do the same thing, which simply put means to think a lot lah, dammit. Then I went to snuggle up in my mum’s bed, and tadaa!


Still couldn’t sleep. Lesson learnt yeah?

If you were wondering what I was busy with last night, it’s this :


Okay toodles.


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