I’m really glad, even though my bones are aching to the core and my eyelids are heavy shit.

Camp was a blast, games were fantabulous, food tasted good, and everything else was just perfect. These guys make me feel so blessed {:

Team St Nicholas

Team St Nicholas

I’ve never felt so happy cleaning our dear ol’ blockers stained with bird droppings before. Okay sounds pretty bad but it was fun! I’ll let the pictures do the talking cause i’m really shagged right now due to all the sleepless nights I’ve been having quite recently.

Area Cleaning!

Area Cleaning!

Indoor games were amusing, practically kept me laughing throughout the entire duration. Polar bear’s my fave, courtesy of Patricia. And I love the board we did up just yesterday {: Teamwork does wonders. Though I haven’t got a photo of it, I’ll try. Those who walk past the PE room please do at least give a glance, it’s worth it, haha, since every shot of ours is a power shot. Which reminds me, Guys: I guess when new things come your way, it’s important not to forget the old. Hope our motto doesn’t change from Don’t slack; smack and attack! to Every shot a power shot! permanently. I believe in staying true to originality, and what’s most important is what SNTT is made of. Although I really like how the latter gives a smash of creativity to our identity and expresses our passionate sides, oh the drama. Haha.

I’d have to acknowledge everybody who made our farewell such a beautiful affair, because you guys are really worth the praise.

Sec ones, thanks for the fab food, this greedy pig of a captain enjoyed your delectable menu for the past two days, especially the pizzas, heh.

Sec twos, your games were so crazily fun and innovative. Kudos to you guys for all the special ideas that made my day.

Sec threes, you were absolutely sweet. What you’ve done for the camp and the team and whatever there is to be done is immeasurable and I’m sure you know that this is worth every sweat and tear of yours. (THE NIGHTTRAIL WAS A TOTAL POINT-SCORER) I’m glad to be passing on the legacy of our tiny yet mighty team to you guys and I know you’ll never disappoint me. Keep it up, yo!

Personal shout-outs.

To Jingwen, my angel!: Haha, at first I never guessed it’d be you, because it didn’t seem like you. But anyhow, Glad to have such a nice angel, the mortal’s very pleased. Just wanna say thanks for being there throughout the O’level period, cookies and candy and letters. Hope you feel my sincerity in the homemade raisin cookies. Haha. They were specially baked for you! You get an extra long dedication because you’re my angel. Thanks for being a really good friend and sticking it out with me and the team. Sports trip are always wonderful with you around. You have a lively and optimistic nature which I hope will stay with you for life.

To Sinhong, my next-in-line: Always have confidence, dear, because I believe in you, like I always tell you. And I mean every word I say, every bit is the truth. You have been doing well since I stepped down, but I’ll always be there if you need me. I’m just a phone call away! I’ll be seeing zonal double champs next year okay!

To Clarissa: You smart freak. Haha, I’m jealous. But still, me being your favourite senior wishes you a great time over at VJIP, even though I’m very indignant about your leaving. Regardless, I still hope that you will never regret any decisions made in your life and that your studies will be as fulfilling as the time you’ve spent with us. Don’t forget, Stnicks is always there for you.

To Joven: Another smart freak. Joven, your studies skyrocket and I really look up and gape in awe. You’ve carried out your responsibilities well and I’m happy to have you be the vice-captain. Never give up in the face of difficulties and persevere, because there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, signed and stamped with assurance by Delaney.

To Anthia: Shopping with cheap thrills has never been more fun with you around {: Times at AMK Central will never be forgotten, I swear. Ice cream parlour trips were sweet as that too. I’m proud of you, for your determination to work hard and your passion for music. I’ll try to write letters soon!

To Weiqi: You have been a great friend with great advice, being clear-minded and well-reasoned. I believe you’ll become a very influential person in the time to come, you have the potential to do well in everything {: Never be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and do your best for the team.

To Lydia: Smile more because you look sweet when you smile. Life is a forked road and choosing the path of happiness is really not that difficult, and I believe you can. Keep up with table tennis and your studies and hope to see a really happy Lydia in time to come.

To Mavis: You get really amusing sometimes you know, and I’m glad to have you as a junior. Hope to see you around more often! Don’t always MIA!

To Huiyue: Don’t be so blur and so easily bullied. Sometimes I pity you, y’know! Haha, keep the lively squabbles (and keep them friendly alright) with the rest.

To Melberly: I’ve always found you unique with your voice, it’s cute lah! Don’t be so violent okay, you’re not meant to be! More enthusiasm okay! {:

To Patricia: Enjoyed sharing about all the TVB dramas and songs! I never knew someone loved TVB as much as I did, although I think you love them a lot more than me. Stay chirpy and cute!

To Alicia: Although you just transferred over last year, I still feel comfortable around you! You’re really amiable and I’m glad you joined our family. Enjoy your time in Stnicks while it lasts!

To Clara: C’div captain! I’m really certain you’ll do a great job! Just don’t let people accuse you of being polar bears okay, you’re too innocent!

To Huiyi: Crazy woman. I’ve never seen a sec one this crazy before. The first time I met you, you were an extreme opposite of yourself right now. It’s good you’ve opened up like this though, I seriously can’t imagine a quiet Huiyi anymore. Don’t let emo get to you okay!

To Sarah: My Serangoon Gardens Neighbourhood junior! Thanks for all that you’ve shared with me as a friend and junior, I’ll be able to see you around still! Create your own individual personality that shines alright {:

SEC FOURS!: I’ve stuck with you guys for almost four whole years I can’t believe it myself. Glad we’re all good friends. I’m grateful for everything you guys have given to me, be it presents, advice, help or anything other thing that made my life so much more colourful. You guys rock!

TO ALL OF SNTT: You guys are the loveliest CCA mates I could ever ask for in my 16 years of life. It hasn’t been very long since we broke camp but I’d break into smiles whenever I thought of every hour that kept awake during the camp. (Ya feel the love now?) Awww. I’ll really miss all those times we spent pulling off each other’s shorts (I’m sorry) and opening massive bags of chips successively like hungry dogs (or pigs?) I’m so touched by their gestures I’m at a loss for words.

): I just made myself so sad. I’ll be entering a different phase of life that forcibly requires me to grow detached to something with so much sentimental value, it’s miserable for someone who finds it difficult to adapt to change. I know for sure I’ll never feel the same way again in the future. I wouldn’t want to delude myself either because these experiences are too priceless to be kept and hidden away. Someday though, I might just forget. When my hair’s bleached white and my teeth are all falling off.

Still, I love SNTT from the bottomest of my heart

Happiness doesn’t last long in life, but the fact that it lasts in your heart is enough to keep you breathing.


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  1. hahahaha! yay!:D i like this post:D hoho i’ll miss you!!!!! and you must write me letters!!!! loads of letters!!!! thanks for being a WOOONDERFUL senior!!!! muaksxzxsxzxzs!!!

  2. yay!! why doesnt it seem like me? LOL!! i tried very hard to make it dont seem like me. ending the letters off with hearts i think?

  3. LOLOLOL. why your post so er.. mushy de LOL. and im not crazy woman, imma GIRL! wakaka. aha! anyway, enjoyed the time with you LOL. okay bye bye :DD i commented le ah, dun say i never 🙂

  4. the chashaobao thing was thought up by renyue. LOL. i made her write the letter for me. then i was thinking, making myself seem lame would make u think of other ppl such as huiyi and huiyue etc. HAHA!!

  5. heyhey! thanks so much for being there when i needed you and your advices 😀 really glad to have a wonderful, approachable and understanding snr like you! (: *hugs*
    and i will call when i need your words of wisdom hohoho :DDD
    i will missmissmisssssss you! :O

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