HAHAHA, how ironic.

FYI, I’m currently on a Korean (or Intl.?) Drama Marathon! Although I’m still in the midst of Corner with Love, finishing on friday! (Before Miss No Good starts). And the subbing of Bloody Monday is taking so long! It’s still airing in Japan anyway, so nvm, I have these sappy soap operas to entertain me, esp with Kim Jae Won in them, haha. He looks retarded in Wonderful Life, 😡

I betcha can’t believe I’m compiling a drama+movie checklist.

Excuse me, but I can’t help it. {:

Finally! Breakfast at Bencoolen TCC with Erica tomorrow morning! :O! And we get to splash in Clare Loo’s pool later! :O! And I get my guides cookies from Renee! :O! How terribly exciting! :O!

Gosh I need to get a grip.

Well anyway, my nose bled on the other side today }: It bled on the left yesterday. Dammit. Scares me, the tissue looked the ultimate gross, deep crimson patches of blood which irked me. Not that I wished to look at it, but somehow, inadvertedly.. Sigh, the nose’s been a hindrance since childhood. Don’t try to imagine what it was like, or you’ll hate me for life.

Ja ne.


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