2009 just minutes away.

Okay, so I didn’t come back for shout outs and whatsoever on christmas day.

Quite a bit of things happened recently, and guess what, it’s just about twenty minutes to the new year. That’s quick. Honestly I feel quite impassive about everything nowadays and I don’t really know why myself. Apparently I’m aware of things but I just happen to be immune to it, my feelings don’t vary very much these days I’m getting rather worried. Things that people burst out laughing at don’t have the same effect on me, I’d just be smiling the most. Perhaps I’m tired because I lack sleep or something.

Pft. No use fretting like this. It’s the new year, like c’mon.

Anyway, I’ve got a new eyecandy! Okay I don’t know if I should call Lee Jee Hoon an eyecandy. I don’t think Lee Jee Hoon’s very good looking in the eyes of some but anyhow I just feel charm oozing and love his fab singing. With the help of Jesmine, I tried searching for his most recent album, The Classic, on yesasia.com but unfortunately it’s out of stock. See how popular he is? People on his forums preorder it even before it came out in May. And I think Hello!Miss with Lee Da Hae was pretty much a hit {: He is the most humble, religious and talented guy, all-in-one package, damn good deal for whoever who marries him. Yes, Jesmine! We’ll go to Korea some day! Although we’re not looking for the same people, haha. I’m currently looking for the Billie Jean, Look at me box drama. Hope they have it in stores.

Moving on. Auntie Ann’s gone back for two weeks, and we’ve turned into a wreckage in barely a day. Let’s just say we’re a bit too over-reliant. This seems worse than the last time she went home. There’s no one to iron the clothes, dishes are REALLY a chore, the floor is sticky, and the rice gets too wet and we eat outside food all the time. I’m going crazy.

:O I should go watch the countdown soon.

Before that, I’ve just remembered I forgot to post about SNTT BBQ over at my place last sunday! Almost everybody came back and I felt so glad to see them again. I was originally quite worried over not being able to host a party well but since everybody could actually entertain themselves I wasn’t as busy as I thought I’d be. There was the twister group at the porch, the poker card group at the gazebo, the BBQ group and the sit-and-eat group. Haha, I’m just grateful to my family for doing all the dirty work. Entertaining’s not that much of a big job. The gift exchange was perfect and everyone loved their gifts aye! Save Flo, who was complaining at the exceptionally small gift she received. I received a pair of kitchen/bath? gloves that resembled a bear and a pig, kawaii nehzx!

The best thing was the food was completely wiped out, and boy, you don’t know how glad I was to not have leftovers for the days after.

Meichi slept over and we did our nails till damn late until I intro-ed her to Wonderful Life, with my cute Kim Jae Won and Eugene and Jung Da Bin, the doe-eyed girl! Watched it till my batt went flat then we went to sleep. Raisins and seaweed for supper lol. Mc didn’t want to drink water cause she believed the water retention thing, omg. Is it that bad?!

Omo! It’s time for countdown! I’ll be back!


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