Gosh I’m feeeling uber bored right now.

Watched nine episodes of ‘The world that they live in’ in two days (o.O) A total count of 4 Korean dramas and 2 korean  movies watched during the past three months of the hols. Anyway, Song Hye Gyo and Hyun Bin are such a cute couple! I’d recommend ‘The world that they live in’ cause it’s not just some cheesy Korean Fairytale, but they put things in a very insightful perspective opening up the lives of two people and their problems about family, friends, and love (So it’s not just about romance okay). Both are budding directors working in a TV station and facing stiff competition and things which challenge their morals. It’s kinda like they’re both helping each other out in life and each episode has a different theme by itself. Sometimes they have really personal voice-overs on the leads’ parts and they just evoke different sort of feelings in you, making you more understanding because you see similar things happen between the drama and your life. I applaud such a heartwarming attempt at making a pragmatic and lifelike drama.

Sometimes you see the cast filming within filming, it makes it so real. That’s how you begin to empathise with the characters and maybe your life could be affected somehow.

But the thing is, I’m bored because I don’t wanna be sitting in front of the computer for the whole day. I need a life of my own! I’d like to bake but then my peanut butter cookies should be completely gone before I make something else. My house is full of junk food right now you’d feel suffocated the moment you opened the fridge. And Gosh, the heat’s really merciless today. I need to go for a walk and catch a breather but I’ve got my ahma to look after. I’d like to talk to somebody but hardly anyone’s online now.


I miss school all of a sudden. I feel sour when I hear my sister talk about the assembly and everything on the first day I really want to go back. I can’t understand why it’s human nature to have to feel sorry only when you lose things, it’s so pissing.


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