Hell of a complicated issue

I am so pissed.

My right eye feels as if it’s been punched by somebody. It’s swelling so badly I look terrible }:

Anyway, I spent the whole of today trying to check audits, with my eye in such a state. Hehe, Lin thought I got that from all the squinting at the comp screen. Lunch was without dad but fun all the same, though I didn’t dare to speak much, so I let them do all the talking while I laughed along.

Oh and did I tell you, I submitted at twelve this morning. I don’t know what to say so I shall keep shut about it.

Petsociety; A-lister &golden frisbee and Delaneybaloney just got married to Clairebear! 😀


P/s, Clairebear hasn’t gotten his own wedding band yet }:

Monday = Day off = Baking with Erica! As for what we’re baking, I ain’t sure yet but it’s gonna be fun!

Something I can never figure; Complicated life + Complicated pyschology = Double the trouble.


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