Blind bats

Woohoo, Man Utd currently at the top of BPL. Originally thought a draw was coming their way cause it seemed so hard for Ronaldo to score without Rooney around to back him. Or either that it was Bolton’s defense was just plain solid ’cause the goalkeeper made damn lot of good saves, 15 whole attempts by Man Utd. But then, Berbatov headed the ball from Tevez at the 90th minute and saved them all {: Hope they sustain for the rest of it.

Haha, according to pjw, Berbatov’s a good buy.

Anyway, my eye’s condition got so bad that I had to visit the doc’s today. Dr Tan pressed the swell so hard it hurt for a good 1 hour. And it was so bad I had to take antibiotics, of which I have been recorded to be allergic to when I was younger and might just get rashes after consumption. It was so bad that if I didn’t get it treated soon I would have to go for a day surgery to remove the pus. And it’s so bad i can hardly see without tearing, and finally it’s so bad I could’ve gotten a week’s MC to ward me off school days, if I had any. Gawd }:

I look like an alien. Speaking of which I saw this guy wearing a “space interplanetary society” shirt today at the foodcourt. I should wear that too.

Today, my mum was desperately trying to get that extra 10% discount to top off the storewide 15% at Robinson’s and then she found out that she needed two pieces to fulfil the requirement for the discount. It so happened that I pick this really cute casual dress from the pile and tried it on. When we were just about to pay the lady at the counter said that sales item ain’t included. SO, to cut the long story short, I didn’t get it }: I was pretty sad cause I liked it, and now, I’m very sad.

Ah forget it. I am excuseless remember?

Okay, jetzt schlafen. ‘ve gotta pray my granddad tmrw.


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