More than you know.

Oh heng sia, found the eye drop on my sister’s bed (:O!) When it comes to this kind of job, my mum is fei chang unreliable.

Had loads of fun today ’cause Erica came over, she showed me a lot of things which amused me like shit. The Japanese playing soccer with binoculars (Omo, Manutd vs Everton today!), Japanese toilets shooting up into the sky, Japanese Silent Library…To think I was watching Bloody Monday today, which is by the way, hell of a good drama. The Jap seem to have nothing better to do than to come up with these silly game shows and pranks. Something else she showed me but it’s like chao ji sensitive, so I can’t say it here. Hahah I can’t help but adorn my blog post with chinese words, inside joke!

Our Oreo cheesecake came out really well though the cheese portion was thinner as compared to the last time when I poured the batter into the smaller heart-shaped pan, for which I gladly accepted because cheesecake is so filling and a thin slice would be just nice for an after-dinner course. I served my sister a tiny piece of it with Merci chocolate and a bob of whipped cream by the side. I’m so happy! Read this hor, Erica.

On a side note, miso soup for dinner today! 😀

&Don’t have to report for work tomorrow since my dad’s not in the office. He wants me to work on the CNY deco at home }: It’s damn sian when you don’t have anybody to do it with you. It used to be so hyped and exciting when our whole class just came together, staplers armed and chionging angbao’s after angbao’s. Miss the good ol’ days. Erica and I were reminiscing about how we met and became such good friends, boy that was about two years ago.

Okay better go get a shower first.
Ja’ ne.

P/p/s. My eye is soooo much better than yesterday. Vision cleared and improved by approx. 30%.


2 thoughts on “More than you know.

    You forgot to mention the swallowing competition! HAHA and I lost terribly la, you win me hands down k!

    Anyway, talk about sec2, do you remember we used to list down all the foods that can be entered using a calculator! HAHA BEETROOT 😀

    TODAY WAS FUNNNNNN!! HAHA can’t wait to crash your crib again

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