Who am I.

Ugh, I crammed in so much food today I’m feeling horribly bloated. In the ultimate disgust at myself right now.

Tried watching Dragon Zakura ytd but then, Yamapi was so skinny then it’s a torture watching. At least he has got a better toned (quite muscular!) bod now.

Early this afternoon trained down to Orchard to meet Claire, the rest of the clique were late. Claire prepared farewell gifts for all of us, lol. She’s damn upset that we’ll hardly get to see each other once we set foot in JC. And yeh, true, it’s quite saddening. We grabbed a bite at KFC ’cause Seoul Garden was jam packed with people, surprisingly. Soon after the others arrived we found seats and happily started BBQ-ing our afternoon away. After which Tan expressed this persistent urge to watch a festive movie. So we got tickets to Wedding Game. So we “spent money on Fann Wong” eventually, haha.

It wasn’t exactly exceptional but we did have a good laugh at certain parts, Claire was laughing so hard at the soft toy horror part I swear the seats were rocking. During the adverts, they were proudly telling viewers about their prestigious namesake as one of the only few cinemas to use “Dolby” surround sound. I personally think they turned up the volume for that? Which pretty much caused my ears to feel like they were bleeding, ouch. Some parts of the movie were a plain turnoff we were clutching the armrests of the seats going, “OMG, OMG, are you serious?”. Alright, maybe it’s just me but then, I couldn’t help it.

Towards the end of the movie Claire received a call that the “ritual” meal with her dearest was tonight and she completely lost it. I can’t believe you Claire! She should seriously learn to get a grip. Hear that? It took us all our effort to at least compliment her attire, which was honestly more than fine. She made it in time, hopefully, cause we realised then that Clarke Quay was basically two minutes away from Dhoby Ghaut.

The best part was, when we were about to enter the platform, I realised nothing flashed when I tapped my card at the reader. Then I backed away only to see the rest follow suit after frantically tapping theirs to find that nothing is responding. So it was finally known that all of us left our cards at the ticketing counter }: We could’ve lost more than what we saved from the student price. Had to rush back to Cine to look for them (originally we weren’t sure if they were at the counter). On the way, quite unfortunately, Trina tio bird shit! Hahah, some kind of omen.

Anyway, we did find them, helped Trina wash up and then headed home. Arrived home rather late ’cause of the stupid 317. Rarr, hate 317 ttm…


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