Nothing like it

Tomorrow resembles remotely like any other first day, of course, and by the way,

I haven’t been informed about my OG yet, }:


My cousins have officially been cordoned off the attic. Yes, No. More. Computer. They were pretty upset about that haha, but i found it amusing instead.

Prodai is soooo sad! }:


2 thoughts on “Nothing like it

  1. Prodai? As in Proposal Daisakusen?
    I watched it :’) but I stopped at ep 7 because i got pissed off at the girl (Nagasawa Masami) her character was so MEAN :'(( and I wanted Yamapi to just SPIT IT OUT. Haha I liked the ending though
    Hope you’re thriving in RJ~

  2. LOL thriving. You make me sound like the desert plant thriving in waterless conditions, one of my KI placement test questions tday.

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